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  1. Drowned World Tour for the win Confessions was hot too, though. I loved American Life so ReInvention was fucking awesome especially Nobody Knows Me. I loved seeing these tours live and cherish the memories, chills just thinking of them.
  2. To play Devil's Advocate, if its on Wikipedia its got to be true right? I think if the curls had been in place for this tour more than the (iconic) ponytail folks would associate Breathless with Blond Ambition. After all it is probably ver hard to do an MC Hammer dance in a tight dress. Even titling the album "I'm Breathless" is a double entendre. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blond_Ambition_World_Tour The third segment was a cabaret inspired by the 1990 motion picture Dick Tracy, in which Madonna starred as "Breathless Mahoney". During this segment, Madonna was wearing a green and white striped showgirl outfit. It included performances of "Sooner or Later", sung atop a grand piano, "Hanky Panky" and "Now I'm Following You", in which she danced and lip-synched with the dancer Salim Gauwloos, who was dressed like Dick Tracy.
  3. I think she definitely embodied M-Dolla for wayyyyy too long M-Dolla ran thru MDNA into RH
  4. I will tell you local NYC news barely covered her but seemed very excited about Amal Clooney (over and over and over). Also for some reason a simple Google for Amal Clooney says Amal Clooney Met Gala as the fourth most frequent search.
  5. I was just watching a re-run of the NBC show "ER" Season 12 or 13, the patient has the mistletoe out and the two nurses walk by. He says "you two need to kiss now!" they go "ugh!" and he says "Well Britney and Madonna did it!"
  6. I've mentioned this before and I'll mention it again, once a few years ago I asked Joe Henry (often very candid on social media) if he would ever record a full album with Madonna.. his reply was "I am ready whenever the Queen is ready" which makes me sooooo hopeful. I just love his sparse beautiful productions, shame the only JH production is Guilty By Association but I do love what she and Mirwais did with "Stop".
  7. RIP
  8. I like how the captured image for Beautiful Stranger and Die Another Day is almost identical. Looks like it was a big day for Madonna's "at the movies" videos.
  9. I want some songs in French and some future disco realness that the gay boys in the clubs won't know what to do with.
  10. Interesting as tracks like American Life, Paradise and I Deserve It feature beats similar to modern "trap" music a decade + before that became the mainstream even moreso than attempts at trap on Rebel Heart. Do kids have to make music for it to be good in 2018?
  11. Doesn't someones tit pop out or something? I remember whatever it is was rather innocent in comparison to some of her other "explicit" videos.
  12. Most recent was Bulletproof. She did record with Todd Edwards (genius/Daft Punk collaborator), I've been watching his social media to no avail, I sent him a message a year or so ago and he said it would be out but.... Before that was I Surrender for MySpace lol and some awful rap stuff (Apollo Heights, Ladybug Mecca). What do you seek? The DJ Hani did remaster his deee-remixes and they sound heavenly. I bought them from his site because I was astounded by how beautiful they sounded, along with his Prince remixes for Solo. All u 90s house cats if you have some cash to burn go support the DJ Hani for his brilliant mixes like Amber's beautiful One More Night.
  13. American Life should be filed as underrated per Bedtime Stories and Erotica. It was a transitional period and a point in time. TBH I loved almost every moment of that era, including the skank makeout session with Britney and Christina. It was a transitional point in pop history, she did her thang and was ready to pass the torch. Fast forward 15 years, one is a TV host and the other plays Vegas. I'm not mad at her. The industry changed beneath her feet while she was still in motion and (IMO) she dumbed it down to catch up with the downward spiral at about Hard Candy. I mean listen to the acoustic demo of "The Beat Goes On".
  14. I want the version of Shanti/Ashtangi from the KTU Release Party without the DJ voice in full quality, a pristine soundboard recording of You'll See from Re-Invention Tour, and a full HQ wav of the version of I'd Rather Be Your Lover with 2Pac or even the stems. And a pony.