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  1. I love Record Store Day and don't mind standing in the cold for an hour to get this year's releases with Madonna. I'm totally fine with the records. You Can Dance on Red vinyl! Cool.
  2. Oh my God! That was so powerful! 40.000 people, and not a sound for a minute. You could have heard a pin drop. Beautiful. Respectful. Dignified.
  3. I beg to differ.They literally used the most cheesy and muffled synthesizers they could find. Even among her 80's tracks it's by far the most unnecessary and lifeless one. Like...what even was the point of this song? Never used as a b-side, never to be considered as a single...was it even used in the movie? Should have stayed an outtake quite honestly.Bitch, I'm Madonna is being taken way too seriously. It's mindless fun and it's definitely better than the "fun moments" on MDNA. Rebel Heart has lots of very deep songs. BIM is a nice mood lifter on the album. I actually prefer it over UB. Yes. It plays right after the mall visit, when she drives the car and crosses the train tracks. And I love the song. Very disappointed that there never was a dance mix.
  4. I have heard it. You hear Murray right after "kiss your heart goodbye". The same roar as in the movie. The rest of the song is like the regular one.
  5. Doesn't sound anything like Madonna. But I like the song. The 12" mixes are wonderful.
  6. I dreamed up a Deluxe Edition a few years ago. Of course, I'd swap the dvd for a Blu Ray if I could. http://pearlsofpassion.blogg.se/2013/november/madonna-ray-of-light-deluxe-edition-wish-list.html
  7. It's when the record is available in record stores. But yes, according to my ICON, the promo single was released to international radio stations on January the 23rd.
  8. I remember waiting for Thief Of Hearts to be released, and was quite bummed when it wasn't. I love that song and desperately wanted remixes of it. It would've been a hit. Same thing for Beautiful Killer. Too bad it was hidden away like that.
  9. Wikipedia got the dates wrong. Ray Of Light was released March 3rd. ICON #27, page 15
  10. I'm sure about the date. I remember thinking that it was a lovely early Valentine's gift to us fans. Also, it's confirmed in ICON #27, page 14.
  11. Yes, February the 13th 1998, a Friday, was the day Madonna released her single Frozen, and the world hasn't been the same since then. The strings floating over the track, Orbit's staggering techno beats and Madonna's haunting voice floating like an angel's, made it a perfect song. The video was sensational. Ground breaking and exciting. Dogs, snakes and birds were the perfect co-stars in this mystical masterpiece. But of course you know all about this. I just wanted to remind you. ;) After all, twenty years come and go, quicker than a ray of light... Have a nice day.
  12. I LOVE deluxe editions and have tons of them. Pink Floyd's deluxe boxes are a dream and so are the ones with Bruce Springsteen and Kylie Minogue. Surround mixes, concerts, remixes, books, picture discs... Wonderful. I hope Madonna will release super deluxe editions of her albums some time. A 5.1 surround mix of an album like Ray Of Light would be so amazing...
  13. Cher is amazing live! I saw her on her Do You Believe World Tour back in 1999 when she played here in Gothenburg, and she was beyond fantastic.
  14. Wikipedia has messed up the release dates. Wasn't Frozen released the 13th of February, and the album two weeks later, on the 27th? Both dates were Fridays.
  15. September 25th, 1993. World premiere of The Girlie Show in London.