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  1. hello everyone and sorry for the involuntary absence, but lately college has made every week feel like finals week. thank you.

    1. madenis


      Welcome back :)

  2. yesterday it was 3 years since I first joined here, and it's so far the best M community I've been part of. how time flies...

    1. Andymad


      Isn’t it lovely?


  4. I read all of this and, first, I think the greatest birthday gift is her entering the studio on the same day. I wish she did something more a-la David Bowie, when he announced The Next Day (2013). out of nothing, his official social media said "here's a single, the album comes out in two months". // also, I'm so glad she's in charge again instead of letting others take control. "I'll make the album I want to make" must be the most Madonna thing she's said this year.
  5. I remember rumours of the Rebel Heart Tour to be named Iconic Tour back then.
  6. Hard Candy and Ray of Light on a now disappeared music shop retail from my country, back in may or june 2008.
  7. no, it's because people don't feel the need to have all her releases, and they feel good with having only one edition. so, they priorize the video.
  8. well, the contract with LiveNation ends at the end of 2018 i believe, and she still has to release an album to close that contract. we already got MDNA and Rebel Heart under this agreement.
  9. there was a video from TAIT, the stage creator, showing the tests on the floor screens. i was shocked too, since it was mostly a staduim tour, those couldn't be appreciated.
  10. i made a mistake i wanted to say "it's not M's property" but i keep posting before i read what i wrote
  11. she could easily use the same structure, after all, it's now M's roperty. Roger Waters used the MDNA stage on some The Wall Live shows, and even Ricky Martin used the Confessions stage for another tour. things can be recycled, and that's awesome.
  13. there's no official "alternative" versions of her concert videos. the only official versions of those releases were Sticky & Sweet Tour and MDNA World Tour. yes, they're bad. but they're the only official thing we've got. the only official Madonna store is on her website.
  14. according to, the songs were 4 Minutes Ray of Light Ghosttown Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita