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  1. Kylie Minogue

    VERY excited about more Kylie! Its Light Years/Fever all over again! Maybe she's gonna do a small Golden Tour, which is why more dates haven't been announced cuz maybe she'll do a huge tour after the next album comes out next year?
  2. Not sure if you read the article, but Ed Sheeran is the example the article used as did I. He doesn't have any pop/urban crossover potential. They also used Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello & Meghan Trainor as examples, with maybe Camilla only having pop/urban crossover potential. I don't agree that it only makes sense with artists who have that crossover potential. With albums like Rebel Heart with multiple styles it makes perfect sense. Especially, as I said, with an artist like Madonna who still makes fantastic music but can't get it played or charted.
  3. Madonna never explicitly said BG is the lead single. She alluded to it on IG, but that could just be to hype the project. It most certainly will be on the album, but since the album is still in production, things could change as far as single choices go. Maybe she just likes the song & the message she's expressing in it & wanted to include it in her Met Gala performance. She however did say "coming very soon" in regards to her new music, so that leads me to believe we'll get the lead single (whatever it may be) before the summer's out.
  4. I read an article the other day talking about how double A-side singles are making a comeback, which if you're not familiar, is releasing two singles at the same time, the idea being to increase chances of getting a hit. The article talked about Ed Sheeran releasing Shape of You & Castle on a Hill with Shape of You ending up being the bigger hit. Anyway, Madonna should do this. Fans complain she doesn't do enough videos for release (not including tour backdrop videos), especially in recent years where artists drop videos left & right, singles or not, sometimes full visual albums; as well as the what should be the single releases. Every album she does has so many potential singles, and there've been many missed opportunities in more recent years (Beat Goes On, Beautiful Killer, Rebel Heart, Hold Tight, etc. Seeing that she has trouble charting & gettin radio play (lets not go into the bullshit reasons why, (*cough* ageism), this could be of some help. Take Rebel Heart, the double A-side single releases could've looked something like this, with videos (and hopefully remixes) for each song.: -Living For Love & Ghosttown -Bitch I'm Madonna & Hold Tight -Devil Pray & Unapologetic Bitch -Rebel Heart & Iconic This would get the album more exposure, makes fans happy/gives them more to complain & argue about (regardless, it keeps the fire burning for better or for worse lol). The more songs the general public gets to hear, the greater the chances something takes off & increase her chances of charting & having another big hit. Just throw it all at the wall & see what sticks! The music industry is a shit show, and that's not even getting into ageism, etc. A release plan like this could only help IMO. Edit: here's the article:
  5. I LOVE it. Honestly, when she said she was moving to Lisbon & was inspired by it for the new album I was hoping for something like this to get in the mix!
  6. I just wanna hug Kanye. Or slap him. Not sure which.
  7. I think the writer on that, D. Rucker....could be Darius Rucker from Hootie & The Blowfish? He's stayed active in songwriting a lot since Hootie & his own country music.
  8. To name your first tour the Virgin Tour, they should've known right there she was a genius. I know it was supporting the album and maybe a no brainer but my 13 year old gay ass was like "OMG so clever!" when i first saw that tour a few years later.
  9. My friends and I have always said Rocco wrote than line.
  10. Do you mean the incorrect lyrics to Rollin? You aint been RIDE till you've been RODE? LOL
  11. Kylie Minogue

    There's a video for Golden thats out there, supposedly a leak. I'm thinking its just a promo video & not for a single release. Its pretty low budget, maybe for her 50th bday in a few days? Edit: Kylie's calling it her new single
  12. @Liam this is a madonna forum thats what we all do...nit pick. We just don't all agree on our individual nitpicking. keeps it interesting. But bottom line, yeah, remember to chill & enjoy the music!
  13. LSD & ecstasy aren't really drugs people get addicted to. Not saying it doesn't happen, just not very probable. Opioids? Crystal Meth? Cocaine? Cigarretes? Very addictive. Stay away.
  14. The thing that made Confessions so great was that it WAS a polished dance album but the lyrics ARE fantastic. Future Lovers may not have a lot of lyrics but those lyrics are profound. FL, Isaac, Jump, Let It Will Be...those songs all got me thru some life changes-both good & bad. Like It Or Not, the album has some great lyrics And even the songs with simple lyrics like Hung Up & Sorry, they're still brilliant dance pop songs that are greater than the sum of their parts. Those 2 songs got me through the break up I was going through when confessions came out. I Love New York? Terrible lyrics, yes, but I still love that song. Maybe I'm biased. "In the evidence of its brilliance" should have been the tag line for the whole album.