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    my 2 role models will always be Madonna (1990-forever)& Marilyn Monroe(1961-1962 era)love collecting photos of these 2 women.
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  1. The Last Of the 3 M's & 50's blondebombshell's (mamie van doren ,Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe) 87 years old(Mamie Van Doren). Showing age is just a number. I know she's probably had work done. Hoping she lives til 100 or older. if she can do it. Madonna can.
  2. +1
  3. thanks sweetie
  4. love stephen king
  5. @Fighterwondering if this is a glitch but one of my friends keeps disappearing then is back. i love everyone on the forum. but didn't want them to thank i deleted them. .thanks sweetie.
  6. sorry late hope you had a great birthday
  7. Author Unknown hope this wasn't already posted. thanks so much @groovyguy for all the amazing quotes.