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  1. You can trip on any kind of music. But that sounds fun.
  2. But... she didn't release it. Do you mean the flag video? Because that's the opposite of infamous.
  3. 1. American Life 2. Ray of Light 3. Music 4. Confessions on a Dance Floor 5. Hard Candy
  4. Vision Quest was released in 1985, but it was shot in fall 1983. Madonna had barely released her debut when filming took place. Does this mean that Crazy for You and Gambler were written before the bulk of Like a Virgin? I always considered them post LAV songs, but they're actually pre-LAV songs, right?
  6. I feel you're addressing other people's comments. But it's great that you're explaining where your insulting initial reaction to my post was coming from. I accept your apology for being classist and implying that the opinions of minimum wage workers are worthless. Anyway, I never said it wasn't cohesive or that she dropped the ball or that there are any silly songs on it. I just had a moment of sincerity where I explained how making a few tiny changes to it greatly improved the album for me.
  7. Well, if in your opinion all of Madonna can be boiled down to a gunshot sound and some random people singing happy birthday or perhaps a rapist delivering a self empowerment message, then down the toilet she goes...
  8. If you'll allow me to be less than positive for a post, I just realized that MDNA is the first M album that made me want to change stuff about it. I'm using the Deluxe cover, because the main one is much weaker in comparison, and I've also had to actually edit the music itself. I removed the ending of B-Day Song, because it was awful. I usually love meta stuff, but the "happy birthday" noise made me really mad. I also removed the "betch" from "I Don't Give A". I also took out the gunshot from "Beautiful Killer". Just why was it even there?! This trend of me thinking I know better than a legend continued with Rebel Heart, where I removed the Iconic intro (no Mike Tyson for me, thanks!), the Auto-Tune Baby intro (why aren't baby noises used as a torture device?!) and really made my own choices with the covers, because that album had a shitload of covers, and barely a decent one among them. Here's hoping that the next album will be perfect just the way she completes it, and that I won't have to edit/remove unpleasant things that would otherwise ruin entire songs for me.
  9. The fact that multiple subreddits have removed his posts and he only found people gullible enough on /r/madonna is the only thing we need to know.
  10. Having only seen what she allowed us to see in her releases, I have to say RIT looks horrible to me. The music is fine, but it's a huge downgrade from DWT in every way imo. CT is my all time fave, but the only time I've seen her live was for the S&ST, which was also fine.
  11. Why does she keep doing this? Her social media accounts should be the ONE place where fan made stuff isn't posted.
  12. Some Girls, I'm a Sinner, Love Spent, Falling Free and I Fucked up are amazing songs that really stand out from the rest of the album imo. Falling Free (Ferry Corsten Remix) is the best remix of a Madonna song this decade for me. I also feel Offer Nissim really leveled up with his GGW and TUTR remixes, they're both amazing and helped me see him in a new light. P.S. Do we still not know who Justin Cognito is?
  13. Having a reference doesn't mean you can ignore all other meanings of something. The n-word comes from Latin, where it had one g and simply meant the color black. That doesn't mean you can use it, just because you're thinking of the Latin meaning.
  14. Veronica Electronica for ROL.