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  1. I think they can be shared here when the next era begins or next album is released according to the mods
  2. could this be signs of a re release for Erotica??
  3. RuPaul seemed to suggest that Madonna will be a guest judge on the forthcoming RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10. Interviewed by TVLine’s Michael Ausiello on the Emmy red carpet, at first RuPaul insisted that he couldn’t offer up any teases about the forthcoming Season 10. However, it looks like that he indirectly revealed a lot. When asked if RuPaul’s Drag Race will ever be able to top having Lady Gaga on as a guest judge, RuPaul said: "It is kinda tough to top her, but I think we’ve done it. I really do! Therefore Michael Ausiello asked if Madonna will be a guest judge. “I can’t saaay,†RuPaul replied laughing. What do you think?
  4. Wasn't she supposed to be on fallon ages ago then cancelled last minute because of the twins/adoption process? Maybe this is the rescheduled appearance
  5. NBC just revealed two guests for the September 25 edition of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.†According to the program’s official website, the episode will feature Madonna and Camila Cabello. The listing does not specify their roles for the show, but the belief is that Cabello will be the conventional musical performer. Madonna will almost certainly be involved in an interview and/or marquee segment. Headline Planet will share more details upon availability. Formal listings for this week’s string of “Tonight Show†episodes follow: Monday, September 18: Guests include Demi Lovato, John Cleese and musical guest Demi Lovato. Show 739 Tuesday, September 19: Guests include Kevin James, Ilana Glazer and musical guest Rudimental featuring James Arthur. Show 740 Wednesday, September 20: Guests include Ben Stiller, Fred Armisen, and musical guests Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves and Midland. Show 741 Thursday, September 21: Guests include Megyn Kelly, Dave Franco and musical guest Fergie. Show 742 Friday, September 22: Guests include the Cast of Will & Grace, Colin Jost, Bruce Bozzi Jr. and musical guest Billie Joe Armstrong. Show 743 More at Headlineplanet
  6. I'm happy she's considering doing more Tears of a clown shows in the future
  7. I just got the confirmation email saying mine has shipped but only the blu ray/cd is included. Why is the t shirt being shipped separately?? what a mess that they can't send the bundle - blu ray and cd and the shirt together. I don’t know why they would ship them separately. From a business perspective it seems like a waste with double postage
  8. Does anybody know if the official store has already shipped all the orders? i have checked my order and there is no shipping information, so maybe they don´t send them until the release date??
  9. Nope, I keep checking this site for more info you enter your order number and postcode and it should come up with information about the order and dispatch dates
  10. she said it in every show I believe
  11. I'm in Toronto for 2 weeks, anyone else from here and can show me around?? I'll give you lots of hugs
  12. is the 2CD the same as the showtime broadcast minus the Detroit speech??
  13. YASSSSSSSSS it's also been renewed for a second season making 10 overall. I've just found about an 8th season so I must watch that before the new one
  14. We need justice for LDLHA