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  1. Somehow I can see her using Rescue Me as an interlude, probably with sailors dancing, or along those lines. I get the feeling she might do Bedtime Story this time round. Would be great to heart the full version of American Pie, similar to La Isla Bonita on DWT. I do wish she'd revisit the idea of an Indian section that she wanted for the ROL tour that never happened. And it would be nice to hear Love Profusion live. I can see her using Hollywood to make a comment on what's been happening in the industry, as well as WIFLFAG. And it's time for some orchestral arrangements with You'll See, Rain and I'll Remember.
  2. The only songs I ever felt a personal connection to on MDNA were I Fucked Up and Falling Free. I didn't mind sitting out this era really, I had a lot on my mind at the time with my father dying and going through a very destructive phase afterwards. I just wasn't really interested in much and since then music has become something different for me. It's either at the resting heart rate or binaural beats or playing the piano as music therapy. So for that reason MDNA and anything else that came after, unless I can take what I need from it straight away, it's not really for me. I don't mind being in the minority. I was never really an album person but could lift certain tracks off them and enjoy them as standalone pieces and Madonna has many of those I can listen to alongside other artists whose work I can relate to or discover something new in. At the moment listening a lot to fellow autistic artist Robin Plays Chords. So for me, 2012 wasn't about MDNA but those two tracks that helped me get through a difficult time. What she gave on those two songs gave me what I needed.
  3. Does Breathless count?
  4. Teardrop by Massive Attack Celebrity Skin by Hole
  5. I wonder if in a year we'll be adding Beautiful Game to the list!
  6. People actually think she will perform half a concert of songs at the Met? Why build up all these expectations?
  7. Awesome, always been a fan of The Conjuring, great homage to Annabelle!
  8. Don't waste time dreaming about it, it won't happen. Just keep moving forward, like she does! more likely to get a bluray release of all the mdnaskin videos than anything else!
  9. I'd pick MDNA. The praise that gets heaped on Love Spent and Mastershit is beyond me, both tracks seem to suffer from poor production. I think the only thing I liked from the whole era in its original form is I Fucked Up, the rest is disposable. In my opinion, the poorest output in her musical career, and that's counting the Otto von Werner period :p
  10. I heard it was going to be mashed with Human Nature, featuring Icky Minaj (seriously can't stand her jibber jabber!)
  11. Oh god, I love that her new religion is voodoo! Can you imagine all the nuts swapping from blahblahla straight away and wanting the new teeth wristband that goes with it?!
  12. Are you starting these rumours?
  13. I only got through 9 seconds. Her voice is grating and I could not listen to 22 minutes of a deranged millennial muppet. The thing about reaction videos is that that's all they are, just instant reactions. no real thought or emotion, they're really just trying to get views on their channels. There's no actual connection between the person viewing the content and the time period they're tapping into. It's not like when we'd watch old movies and take into account the old Hollywood studio system, the Hayes code, the two world wars etc. It's just different for these kids but it does give you an insight into things are being chipped away at. We can only hope that after this generation things start to reform.
  14. Which are more annoying, fan questions or press questions?
  15. Been a while since I listened to either of these tracks, but nearly fell of my chair when I just realised that one samples the other. You can actually hear Prince's voice on Like A Prayer [Dub Beats]. The exact sample is "That skinny motherfucker with the high voice". Madonna - Like A Prayer [Dub Beats] Bob George - Prince So, still think Prince isn't the one playing guitar at the start of Supernatural?