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  1. Which are more annoying, fan questions or press questions?
  2. Been a while since I listened to either of these tracks, but nearly fell of my chair when I just realised that one samples the other. You can actually hear Prince's voice on Like A Prayer [Dub Beats]. The exact sample is "That skinny motherfucker with the high voice". Madonna - Like A Prayer [Dub Beats] Bob George - Prince So, still think Prince isn't the one playing guitar at the start of Supernatural?
  3. I can listen to anything else, but not these. Either it's production or vocal delivery, but I just can't stand them. They're just throwaway tracks for me. Otto von Werner stuff Runaway Lover Amazing Future Lovers Let It Will Be Sing Hey You Candy Shop Give It 2 Me Miles Away Beat Goes On Dance 2Night Spanish Lesson Voices Celebration Revolver Girl Gone Wild Gang Bang Turn Up the Radio Give Me All Your Luvin Some Girls Superstar I Don't Give A Love Spent B-Day Song Highlights Take A Day Living For Love - was that the best vocal take they could use? Bitch I'm Madonna Holy Water S.E.X Messiah Graffiti Heart
  4. Plus the utter drivel of Oh Father! Pure bull!
  5. If you want to drop In This Life from the GS then I think you've missed a crucial point in the show and of the Erotica album and era as a whole.
  6. I don't give a damn about the picture. What I take issue is the attention grabbing title of this post. It's not funny or clever and why does there need to be a separate thread about an instagram post?
  7. Now that she's back in the studio, I'm just enjoying the ride. She's given us so many great albums over the years, and a few I didn't really care for, but there's no denying the happiness I feel when I know she's somewhere making music again. Am keen to check out her new collaborators to get a peak at what their music sounds like. I am guilty of listening to the leaks and it killed the joy of listening to an album as the finished product for me. So I'm going to be very disciplined and not listen to anything until a CD is in my hands from whatever shop sells albums nowadays!
  8. Not by any fans and never been broadcast in any way, just a fantasy that maybe it was professionally recorded to pop up on a release decades later 🤣 It's fun to dream sometimes! Never gonna happen though!
  9. There could be some live versions. Including never before released recordings from the infamous Roxy show 🤣 Drowned World CT Ray of Light VMA Candy Perfume Girl DWT Nothing Really Matters Grammys Sky Fits Heaven Roxy Shanti Ashtangi Roxy Frozen DWT The Power of Goodbye EMA Little Star Oprah Mer Girl DWT
  10. Could be interesting. Can you imagine: Like a Virgin in a wedding dress Causing a Commotion in the bustier Express Yourself with the cone bra Deeper and Deeper with the wig Ray of Light in the punk outfit American Life in the military gear Hung Up in the leotard I'll stop there as I'm not such a fan of what came after 😋
  11. I'm not sure if the album could ever be improved by any additions or tweaks. It's perfect as it is. Perhaps an additional disc featuring the official mixes? Drowned World - Ashram Bucklodge Mix Ray of Light - Orbit UV Mix Skin - Collaboration Mix Nothing Really Matters - K&D Mix Sky Fits Heaven - Sasha Mix Frozen - Stereo MCs Mix The Power of Goodbye - Fabien Mix To Have and Not to Hold - Goldie Mix* *previously unreleased
  12. Nothing Really Matters (Oriental Beat Box RMX '98) is a fan made mix from 1999.
  13. Awesome idea! 01 Everybody 02 Into the Groove 03 Where's the Party 04 Spotlight 05 Causing a Commotion 06 Keep It Together 07 Vogue 08 Rescue Me 09 Deeper and Deeper 10 Secret (Single Remix) 11 DCFMA (Remix) 12 Ray of Light 13 Beautiful Stranger 14 Music 15 Die Another Day 16 Hung Up 17 4 Minutes 18 Celebration 19 Give Me All Your Love (Just Blaze Mix) 20 Living For Love
  14. The Justify My Love black leather waistcoat turned up a few times in 1990.