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  1. all this COADF slander. why do people think the album is just a dance album when most of the tracks have deep and meaningful lyrics? it partially was a dance colorful AL. Thats what I love about it, she made it look commercial without sacrificing depth.
  2. Im not saying she shouldnt be a button pushing artist, or fun or “controversial” for the right cause. People seem to equate controversies like Like A Prayer, Erotica or even Drake-gate with harmful controversies that turn away her supporters or people who can align with her message. Two completely different things. One does no real harm because her fans expect her to make strong intelligent button pushing statements about religion, feminism, sex, ageism... all things most (?) of her fans support, but there are other types of controversies when she can look bad to people, even her supporters for no good reason whatsoever.
  3. Peak? you mean in the charts? Lets be real she’ll be lucky if she charts. Id rather expect the worst and then be surprised if things go better than expected. Hopefully the fandom will do the same and not have a collective meltdown once she “flops”..... honest talk. Lets enjoy the music and the content she gives us. Amything else is a plus.
  4. @Liam ok but we were talking about marketing for the new album. Theres a new generation coming up consuming digital media, media who either dont talk about her a lot or are negative when she does something oopsie. This generation streams a lot and consume heaps of music. They dont hate her but they see the ocassional oopsie stuff and stay away from acknowledging her and her amazing legacy. I do genuinely believe she can get them on her side if she makes her messages clear, like she did with her Billboard speech. I always believed that could happen. I just dont want her marketing strategies for the next album to backfire or create drama. You can still find people clowning U2 for their album giveaway. You either do things right or it can quickly backfire in the age of social media. She seems to have the right values as a person and artist to do things right. Its hard to turn things around once theres backlash for a project and youre labelled a certain way. Im not trying to be anti Guy O, but my dude needs to acknowledge his U2 idea was wack and to a much much lesser degree the apps strategy. Im not saying she’ll be hugely succesful with the next album but she can sail smoothly, which honestly would be amazing.
  5. Thanks for your continuing input
  6. If you're talking about older people, then sure no one cares, but they also don't really care about new Madonna music that much anymore even if they respect her, they're not waiting impatiently like we are for a new album. If we're talking about commercial success and how to get more streams and views, we're talking about a young audience, a young audience who consumes online media that isn't very pro-Madonna. Her name has been fading for the last few years, you said yourself how little coverage the Met Gala appearance generated and it was the same thing on social media. Her Billboard speech showed she could still go viral with something positive and reach audiences of any age with the right thing, but it has to be right. Young people aren't going to check out, let alone support someone labelled embarrassing or problematic by the media they consume everyday.
  7. The best marketing she can do is her being creative in everything she does without caring if it sells or not. I'm just afraid her team will do stuff that will make a lot of people label her desperate again. That happened real quick with RH and its pushy app marketing. But digital marketing is still the way to go rather than appearances. Her Ellen week didn't seem to do very much, but stuff like her online video q&a seemed to generate more positive attention (even the so-called rat in her bathroom gave her more publicity than her other appearances lmao)
  8. why did everyone think something would come out? like where did that come from

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      Soon in Madonna's world probably means "maybe someday idk lol"

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      sksjsk right, shes partly to blame (and yes i know u disagree liam) but she sure loves driving her fans even nuttier.

  9. There's nothing juvenile about disliking people that you perceive to have bad personality traits and someone you think has done very morally questionable stuff and chose to hang around morally questionable people. I don't really care if she at one time was Madonna's pop rival or whatever other dumb little fan war. I agree that THAT'S juvenile, as is calling Gaga reductive since that's not what Madonna said either. We'll be better off moving on and honestly I don't have any problem with Gaga stans nor do I want to.
  10. I don't know sis.. thats weird :/
  11. sorry i forgot to thank you sis about the latest episode wtf this blonde actor guest judge.. wow it must really take effort to come across that vacant... I'm glad Cracker FINALLY won a challenge, but im kinda surprised Eureka didn't win, almost like Cracker was rewarded for being so great in the competition so far yet not winning anything yet. Kameron really owned that lipsync i always kinda forget he's really talented with that muted personality but honestly Im not sure how much longer he'll last. And um Tyler Oakley ugh i skipped all his parts.
  12. im not joking but i want a whole section dedicated to her p***y and sing songs that relate to it. thats a concept shes never done on tour, and shes got several good songs that can fit the theme. like all those erotica album tracks shes never performed. fingers crossed
  13. and some of her instagram pictures with dog filters
  14. Beautiful Killer was b-side material too, just really good b-side material.