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  1. yeah at least she's leaving behind the S&S middle part sadfdsfdsds
  2. please dont promote stuff constantly when you only have 5 posts. If you wanna promote something put the link in your signature or contribute a bit more first. i hope you understand.
  3. That makes more sense but why are Thorgy and Milk not coming back
  4. AS3 EP5 was A HOT MESS Those damn voice overs on the runway, for what? so writers don't have to write puns for RuPaul to say while the queens walk? ughhhh. I wanna see the fashions without the cringe. Bebe's lipsync was amazing but it was rigga morris to give her a Diana Ross song. Why in god's green earth was Andy Warhol's soup cans FROM THE EARLY 60s paired with fucking Studio 54 FROM THE LATE 70s? What did the producers inhale?. How are they gonna read Aja for having her references all over the place while pulling this? I'm glad Shangie stayed tho but still it was a mess. More importantly what is this plot twist at the end? Some people are saying one of those 3 people is Raja?
  5. Yeah now that I'm fully awake I can see she's joking. Obviously The Fat Jew isn't gonna be a dancer in a tour. asbsahdsakas
  6. She looks soo pretty. If only. this style. wasn't. so. tired. tho
  7. As always im confused? isnt she joking
  8. Sorry I fixed something on the themes again so it turned off again... lol
  9. Will people ever learn the difference between the report and reply buttons? :ag:

    1. Bel
    2. Andymad


      Abort, Abort, Abort...

    3. Liam


      To be fair, a lot of forums used have "reply" buttons in that spot.  I know I've in the past navigate up in that area to "reply", only to remember it's not there.

  10. We're gonna have her first nude album cover
  11. woww mini challenge AND design challenge??? when was the last time
  12. I changed something on the themes and it must have turned that off, try now.
  13. yes... just type your whole paragraph then you select the word you wanna black out and click the little face i already checked and it works both on desktop and mobile... it should black out immediately when u click it.
  14. The words should be blacked out.