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    Forum Upgrade February 2018

    Hello, welcome After being offline for a whole day we can finally enjoy the new forum... things should work OK but there may be some errors here and there for the next few days. Let me know by PM or in here if you have any problems! Here are some of the improvements that we hope will work out to make the forum better... Major Changes: Forum: New server Secure login New Ajax pagination to browse without reloading the page Better notification links Multimedia Forums: For now we have decided to test a new way of downloading files, users will no longer have to reply to see hidden links, it's enough with giving a "reaction" as in liking the post. Threads will be required to have pre-fixes (aka tags) for easier browsing. When you post a topic there will be a list of tags to choose from and you have to pick the correct one. Then users can go to each tag and they'll find all the relevant threads in those tags. This might work better than having too many subsections. This is obviously a work in progress and we will dedicate a lot of time to tagging past threads. (This for now only applies to the Madonna sections, I will work on the Other Artists section soon, plus I will merge the RHT forums and tag all those threads appropriately) Awards We may introduce awards and perks for amount of reputation points received. (We haven't re-introduced the awards feature but I will be giving everyone the awards they already had soon) Posting: Automatic embedding for all the major social media websites Smilies sorted by category (haven't gotten around to doing this yet but I'll do it in the coming days) New spoiler tag for those of us who like discussing TV shows. We can now hide whatever we don't want people to read and hover over to reveal. To use this: write out your full paragraph, then select the text you wanna hide and click the little icon with a face that's next to the smilies button in the toolbar. Emoji support... soon. Not yet. Theme For now we only have this theme but I will be adding more in the coming days. This forum will continue to be a work in progress and you can keep posting suggestions and ideas. There are still things I need to fix and that are fixing in the background on their own so let's give it some time. That's all for today...
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    Bahahahaha!!! I had a nightmare she recorded her songs wearing grills and nobody could understand what she was saying...
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    Frozen video remixes added to YT

    Frozen 20 years anniversary. I believe her team downloaded the videos from our forum
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    Guys, it's OBVIOUSLY for MDNA Skin, even in the last video all the products can be seen in a table before the Lempika is shown.
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    Why isn't everybody talking about THIS right now???!!!??? SHE LOOKS A-MAZING!!!!!!!.
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    Madonna Filmed Something With Fashion Photographer Steven Klein(!!!) http://www.breatheheavy.com/madonna-filmed-something-fashion-photographer-steven-klein/ Madonna teams up with Steven Klein. The Queen of Pop is hard at work on her forthcoming studio album, and perhaps it's closer than we thought? The Rebel Heart singer posted a photo on Instagram revealing she shot something with the famed photographer/director. Klein is responsible for creating most of Madonna's tour backdrops over the years, so this is obviously very exciting. Everybody needs a helping Hand," she captioned the picture. Alright, here's where the doubt creeps in. Madonna was most likely filming something for Moschino's Fall 2018 Menswear Collection. She tagged Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the fashion house Moschino. He told Vogue last month the upcoming line is inspired by M. “It’s very much in line with what our great forefather Madonna laid out, if I might say so.” Alright, we're probably not getting a new music video / single from our forefather any time soon, but it is reassuring to see Queen creating new visuals. That's definitely a step in the right direction.
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    1998 - Ray Of Light [20 Years Old]

    MADONNA’S 'RAY OF LIGHT' TURNS 20: A TRACK-BY-TRACK REVIEW https://www.attitude.co.uk/article/17142/madonnas-ray-of-light-turns-20-a-track-by-track-review/ Matthew Barton looks back at one of the Queen of Pop most career-defining records.
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    1998 - Ray Of Light [20 Years Old]

    20 incredible facts about Ray of Light even the biggest fan might not know http://www.gaytimes.co.uk/culture/29765/20-incredible-facts-madonna-ray-of-light/
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    MDNA Skin

    Well most of you buy the same record over and over again in different formats and regions yet complain about the price of MDNA Skin? I was the first to use it here in Japan 4 years ago. They last a LONG time and are absolutely value for money. You buy the chrome remover once, Chrome Clay is not something you do daily, you just need a tiny amount of serum every day, lasts a long time. I run out of Rose Mist the most. Eye Serum lasts forever, as does the face wash. The crappy merchandise in her official store are overpriced if you ask me. I ain't rich either, don't drink or smoke so I guess I can afford it. Really want to try it, make a sacrifice and earn it.
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    1998 - Ray Of Light [20 Years Old]

    MADONNA’S 'RAY OF LIGHT' TURNS 20: A TRACK-BY-TRACK REVIEW Matthew Barton looks back at one of the Queen of Pop most career-defining records. 2018-02-19 https://www.attitude.co.uk/article/17142/madonnas-ray-of-light-turns-20-a-track-by-track-review-1/
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    1998 - Ray Of Light [20 Years Old]

    To The Heart Of The Nightmare - Madonna’s Ray Of Light 20 Years On Lucy O'Brien , February 19th, 2018 09:20 http://thequietus.com/articles/24053-madonna-ray-of-light-review-anniversary
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    it was on mn Can't You See My Mind was written and recorded by M and Mirwais for the soundtrack of Die Another Day. The producers asked her to change the song to fit the movie's title into it, like all other Bond movies have done. So, clearly she did. It is often described as a slower electronic song that combines the Colombier strings and some background guitars. It is said there's a part where Madonna is singing acapella. Lyrically, the whole song is questioned, like almost each line is a question in the song. The information on the description of the song came from the infamous Anna, so who knows if it's accurate. But due note that this song is not an early version of "Die Another Day," it's a completely different track.
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    1998 - Ray Of Light [20 Years Old]

    Twenty Years Ago, Madonna Was Reborn in a ‘Ray of Light’ https://www.theringer.com/music/2018/2/16/17020288/madonna-ray-of-light-20-years The pop icon’s stunning turn to electronic music showed a spiritual side we’d never seen before and was the last time we learned about her interior life
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    Frozen 20th anniversary!

    I remember walking into the music store on a Tuesday morning (when new releases used to happen in the 90's and 00's) only to walk out with two versions of the CD.... Later in the year, when at a Best Buy, I found a double CD called "Words and Music" edition. Of course, I snatched that up!
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    G House

    Kylie Minogue - "Golden"

    My boyfriend and I got tickets for the Barcelona gig. I can't wait
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    I am in love with the album. I was a little unsure of the direction listening to Samaritan as its very POP in its chorus. Almost came across like an NSYNC track at times, but the majority of the album is still in the same place as iamamiwhoami and its everything I could have wished for. I wish the film was the complete album in order like iamamiwhoami always did with less narrative as I probably won't be rewatching it over and over like the others, but its still visually stunning and interesting. Anyone get the album instrumentals from the Kickstarter?
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    Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-RuPaul's Drag Race!

    I'd never seen this before but there was nothing on TV on Saturday night and i flipped through the channels and caught the most recent UK episode, when they were doing The Bitchelor. It was so hilarious (most were, some not so) that i went back and watched the first 2 episodes On Demand. I'm glad I did, coz I've not laughed so much in ages as I did when I watched Bendelacreme impersonating Julie Andrews in the 2nd episode(?)!! Loved it! Quite possibly my TV highlight of the last 5 months. I've suffered with depression in the past and have been in a miserable/depressive way for a few weeks and that performance, and the show in general put a smile on my face and helped me forget my depression.
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    Happy Birthday, madbella!

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    1998 - Ray Of Light [20 Years Old]

    I thought the same: I WANNA HEAR SOMETHING NEEEWWWW!!!
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    What Gianni Versace's Death Tells Us About Madonna's 'Ray Of Light' Renaissance http://m.huffingtonpost.com.mx/entry/madonna-ray-of-light-versace-death_us_5a7cc6efe4b044b3821b5bf0 The singer was recording the album when Donatella Versace called to say her brother had just been murdered. The rest is 20-year-old history.
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    Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-RuPaul's Drag Race!

    OK Gentlemen, who's ready for tonight's race???!!!
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    Madonna Has To Be 5:29??

    That's false. "I'll Be Gone" has nothing to do with "Gone". As for the DVDR linked on discogs... "Has To Be" is slightly longer than the released one, same vocals, just a bit longer intro I think. You probably wouldn't notice unless you know the song VERY well, or open them side by side or something. "Freedom" is longer than the released one and more stripped down than the Carnival version. I'm pretty sure this leaked?
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    The Rebel Heart Tour 2015-2016

    The broadcast is still going strong. First time in Canada since the original screening.
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    MDNA Skin

    new promoo pic
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    Madonna Has To Be 5:29??

    Thats right its the longer version of Freedom then the one found on Carnival... Also Forever Love was the title we knew before it was then confirmed to be Never Love A Stranger. And as for Has To Be its a full 5:30 with longer outro .. ..
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    ***Contrary to rumor,"Can't You See My Mind" is NOT an early version of "Die Another Day". It's a completely different song that was also recorded and it is copyrighted so it really exists. It's a ballad that was *probably* submitted as the James Bond theme (which is why it's always linked with the "Die Another Day" theme song) but Record Company wanted to go for a different sound but was later scrapped. Either Rauhofer or Calderone mentioned that he was doing a remix for this song. and that it wasn't Die Another Day.
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    That decade probably saw a decrease in the creativity and quality of music videos. The songs were great, yes!, but the videos didn't do that much for the songs except for Music, Don't Tell Me, and Hung Up. No doubt why Gaga gained all the attention between 2009-2011, the lowest point in Madonna's overall career ever (yes, she was touring but that doesn't excuse the crappy Celebration video). On a positive note, I appreciate Madonna's kind of recovering on this area. Give Me All Your Luvin' and Bitch I'm Madonna, whether you hate them or not, are fun.
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    This is what she had to say about it: “I don’t think people should feel secure in their expectations of me”, ionnalee says. This is, for example, why effervescent sophistidisco, ‘NOT HUMAN’ (which was co-written with Com Truise), comes to an abrupt, surprising end as though inadvertently paused (...). I also thought it was weird to end a song so abtuptly on my first listenings of this song but now I kinda like it, finally got used to it. hahaha I am completely in love with the album, can't stop listening to it. My personal favorites apart from the singles are WATCHES WATCHES, LIKE HELL, BLAZING, HARVEST and FOLD. I've also loved the movie despite it not being what I was expecting, which was a more iamamiwhoami-like approach with full songs.
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    Madonna can work with whomever she likes. And while there have been some people she worked with, that I didn't particularly enjoy before they worked together, the music Madonna and other artist did together ended up being enjoyable for me. So while I see Cardi B might be part of the equation on this album, and since, I am not particularly fond of her style and music, it's quite possible Madonna will bring something cool out of her that I will still enjoy. If not, that's okay, because I know Madonna well enough that she'll produce other kick ass tracks that I will enjoy.
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    Well, she's one HOT Granny!!!
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    GS Version is pure iconic
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    yesterday it was 3 years since I first joined here, and it's so far the best M community I've been part of. how time flies...
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    Ru-Ru-Ru-Ru-RuPaul's Drag Race!

    Well, funny you should say that... I'm kind of watching season 6 and 9 at the same time on Netflix. 6 cos i'm rooting for Bendelacreme now in Allstars3 (I just saw the season 6 Snatchgame ep. - so funny!! ) and 9 coz I wanted to watch a roast and went for the one of Michelle Visage (I didn't know where to start so I just went for an episode I thought would be good). I've never seen this on UK tV before ( and never looked for it TBH), but hey're showing the latest season and I got Netflix now and that has seasons 1-9 so I may end up having a binge watching session.
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    Donald Trump

    Why does Mick Mulvaney think it's OK to cut heating assistance for low-income Americans while giving massive tax breaks to the Koch brothers?
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    I can't believe that video was already a whole year ago
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    We are such a beautiful Family!!!.
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    HOW MADONNA'S 'RAY OF LIGHT' REIGNITED A POP ICON'S CAREER AND BROUGHT A GENERATION OF GAY MEN TOGETHER https://attitude.co.uk/article/17015/how-madonnas-ray-of-light-reignited-a-pop-icons-career-and-brought-a-generation-of-gay-men-together/
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    Her Pussy!

    Hahahah genius clickbait. Anyway, I voted for ‘Bad Girl’. I love the song, but the video is my absolute favorite. A true masterpiece indeed. I believe it was the only movie-like video throughout her career. Maybe WIFLFAG as well, a little bit.
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    Madonna: Rare

    Images from the Rain storyboard concepts Created by graphic artist Grant Shaffer - who also contributed the story board concepts for the Deeper and Deeper video and Bedtime Story. ... and this 1987 rare pic
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    Yummy Yummy

    Ingredients 12 oz. linguine, cooked according to package 2 carrots, cut into sticks 5 kale leaves, de-stemmed and chopped 1/2 cup soy sauce 1 1/2 tablespoons vegan Worcestershire sauce 2 teaspoons rice vinegar 2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 1/2 tablespoons sesame oil 1 teaspoon ground ginger 4 cloves garlic, minced Directions Mix the soy sauce, vegan Worcestershire sauce, rice vinegar, maple syrup, sesame oil, ground ginger, and garlic in a small bowl. Sauté carrots in 2 tablespoons sauce mixture 1–2 minutes until garlic becomes fragrant. Add cooked noodles and 2 more tablespoons sauce mixture. Cook until carrots are desired tenderness. Mix in the kale and 2 more tablespoons sauce mixture. Cook a few minutes until garlic loses some of its bite. Reserve remaining sauce to pour over noodles just before serving. Enjoy!