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    This was me back in the early 90s with my M collection. Started collecting around 85, now in my late 40's and nothing has changed!
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    Guys, those r not song lyrics!!! It's obvious. Just some random thoughts. And we don't even know if she wrote that herself or if it's from someone else. Use ur common sense, for God's sake!! XD :-p
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    Anyway, I can't wait for the new era to start! New music, new album, new videos and tour! Tag me when something NEW comes up. All this inner fighting about what she did in the past and all this "hope she doesn't do this and that" is quite depressing! We should be grateful she's still alive, well and entertaining us. Nothing else matters.
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    No one will be surprised that your toxic ass is banned now.
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    I've always found this really stupid. So no one can pay homage to a culture you like or inspires u or anything without being tagged as "cultural appropriation"??? Ridiculous.
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    because they reflect the quality of the production of the album
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    I already feel all of that with M. I don't need any kind of drug to alter my reality or my senses. I like to be too much in control of myself and my acts to do drugs, but to each their own i guess :-)
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    What would you like to ask Madonna?

    what do you think the word “soon” means? like what is your definition.
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    But if she did, that would be a great victory in the war against ageism so I wish her to succeed!!
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    I started in 1984,,,It was amazing. I remember how things were exciting as they were released because we didnt have the internet then to leak everything. Also the excitement of waiting outside SamTheRecordMan stores for brand new releases. Oh and the digging through piles of records and cassettes... and the maxi singles,,,and magazines and posters and and and .... the controversies..the news reports.. it is a blessing to have grown up with her Like a Prayer and Blond Ambition ruined me for life. It got into my bloodstream and hooked me on a Madonna path for the rest of my life!
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    Beautiful Game hasn’t even been released and people are bitching based on a 51 second snippet obtained through low quality videos? Jesus, Madonna can’t catch a break.
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    Madonna vs. Fan

    It's kind of ironic that she's entertaining a dumb cliche negative comment she must get like 4500 times a day, instead of focusing on the positive and what she loves doing. Not that i'm telling her what to do!!!!!! just pointing out the irony.
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    To be painfully honest, that text makes her sound like an asshole (to me). The only people rambling about work ethic in this day and age are old, white and privileged... and disgustingly conservative. I know she's not the latter, but she's been in a bubble of 1% privilege for decades, so yeah, I suppose stuff like this is unavoidable and, as long as she stays on the right side of so many other important issues, I'll forget about it in a few days.
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    Happy Anniversary, M-Infinity!

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    Pat Leonard, Shep Pettibone, and William Orbit. Her most memorable, iconic, and brilliantly written tracks were written with these three amazing musical legends.
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    Experience her on LP!

    So I was inspired by the recent, "White Vinyl Album" mention in the other thread, and thought to pull out the LP and enjoy it. I have most of her music on LP, but haven't listened to them in a long while. There's nothing refreshing to listening to Madonna on Vinyl. Certainly digital can be a great convenience, but vinyl sounds better than MP3s. And I’m not just talking about that warm, mahogany-rich sound that vinyl is famous for, but in general, it’s just better. MP3s compress the data of their music files in order to create more space on the storage device or to be broadcasted. It may not be noticeable to the casual listener, but music lovers can tell you that there is definitely a noticeable sound quality difference between MP3s and vinyl records with vinyl records beating out the digital format due to not compressing the music. And I don't know about the rest of you, but there's nothing like walking into a record store and buying a physical copy of an artist's LP you enjoy, only to bring it home and listen to it "for the very first time". I guess one could say the same for any other format one can purchase, but there is no other replacement in my eyes. Unfortunately, that is dying. But thank goodness there are online stores, you can purchase Vinyl.
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    I can't believe she has fans like this. I hate seeing this more and more on this fanbase.
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    Almost had a heart attack! Not a beautiful game
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    Madonna's Lesbian Love Letter

    I can't believe more and more people are actually selling this kind of stuff that none of us should be seeing just to make easy money, disgusting.
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    Sorry, may I say I find all this weight fluctuation talks particularly boring? Is it really that important? I mean... she's coming back people! I'm full of curiosities and hopes for her new image (not specifically in that sense though) and music (for example I hope for a more mature stuff and sound, as I hope she'll try to use diverse instruments like saxophone and real percussions this time) ... sorry again, but I had to say that.
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    Depression - Stress

    I dont really think anybody has ever really talked about this topic in this forum but there's alot of things that really goes on in my mind that really comes to me i feel i should share. An artist actually got me into listening to madonna's music which somewhat helped me a little bit overcome being sad most of the time.. Just.. I am put under alot of pressure every day & i am always judged by other people, always feeling like i cant do it or i won't make it. That i won't succeed. That i wont be something. That i am a failure. People don't seem to understand me and sometimes i feel like i am the one causing problems to other people and i just wonder what am i doing wrong? what is it that makes me a bad person? What is it that is in me that nobody likes? What is in me that nobody appreciates? Is it my personality? My voice? My way of expressing myself? Whatever it is, i just feel like i am not really worth it. Change is pretty hard. I can be bitchy and maybe have alot of bad days but under all this i am an adolescent just entering adulthood trying to understand the planet we live on and what it all means. I used to be to myself alot and never had the courage to speak to anyone about how i feel now i have a fiancee that listens to me and i am proud of the good things that has happened. There's just so much things i dont want to share because its pretty much "Personal" But i do still go through depression and Stress. Just hope there are people that understand and can help me/Support me (Im not really good in explaining i just hope whoever read this tried to understand what i am saying) And thank you for taking time reading this.
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    it would be nice to get more stuff like this but thats not how M is I guesss.. she only likes finished products. In kpop, companies release as many extras as possible, the creativity in the marketing, the album packagings, the websites, etc is super important, everything is thought out and conceptualized. in the west record companies dont do much for their artists, its not systemized. So Madonna is stuck with the little she can get from interscrap and what her team can do, which by the looks of it isnt that much in the digital era...
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    I'll be off topic but someone should really teach her how to take a good selfie with a better angle thats more flatering. I'm done ! Really excited for whats to come
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    Is this thread seriously becoming another demo/final version debate?
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    Rumors are so much fun & they play a big part in ushering a new M era. And though we know most of them to be fake, we wanna believe in this tiny flicker of hope that they might be true esp. the ones that sound so good and exciting.
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    I want Madonna to be Madonna. What she says and does is a huge part of what she is today. To say, she shouldn't do/say this or that isn't who Madonna is. I don't think she intentionally sets out to say anything "stupid" either. I do think a lot of the problem is that Madonna has a fickle generational fan base. A lot of that is because she's done so much and tackled different genres... serious and fun. So it's divided the fan base. Some fans want music more like Ray of Light while some want her to go back to just pop/dance while some enjoy her R&B roots. She's always thrown in good fun, tongue and cheek songs. BIM is just one of many songs where it's something fun and where she's poking fun at herself. This idea that she's all of sudden abandoning serious lyrics, etc, while doing these non-serious songs is just silly. When has Madonna only did "serious" songs? In fact, many of her most popular songs aren't too serious or profound. BIM comes off to me as a party song. She has plenty of them dating back to her first album. It's all about having fun. It was a great follow up to the seriousness and darkness of "Ghosttown". Many of the songs on Rebel Heart are profound and serious. It's one thing to have an opinion you don't like something, but to write it off as if that's just who she is today and all she does, is an incorrect assessment of who she is and what she does these days. As @kesiak stated above there are some cool gems on Rebel Heart. And she's still shows how "hungry, creative and engaged" she is "in the songwriting process".
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    That is a very wide reaching blanket statement that most wouldn't agree with. Do you think she only brings out quality when she is miserable with the process and never had fun making albums? BIM was amazing. Especially the video. No point in trashing it repeatedly as it is evident many love it here. It was also her most successful song in terms of exposure/views e.g. YouTube.
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    Madonna vs. Fan

    The whole thing is useless. The fan disrespecting her for no reason who is not going to accomplish anything because he's nobody to change her mind or tell her what to do. And Madonna responding and then deleting the thread when she already knows nothing good comes from engaging the negativity in the first place. And us commenting about it. What does any of this accomplish. I don't know guys, I'm gonna go watch a movie.
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    You are all setting yourselves up for a huge disappointment. She promised nothing. No dates have been announced. How many times have fans read into these hashtags, thinking it's a hint, only to find out, it's nothing? How many dates have come and gone where fans dreamed up some surprise release date, and it never happened? Met Gala wasn't a mainstream public event. She hyped nothing up. She simply performed at a fashion event. And yes, she added a short snippet of something new in between LAP and Hallelujah. So what? Obviously, she felt like it had purpose between the two songs. It's the fans who are reading far more into everything she does and building up all these expectations. All she is doing is sharing bits and pieces of her life on Instagram. And yes, she's teasing us a bit. It's not like she's sitting around doing nothing. She's actually working on a new album. So if you're getting all too worked up over her, teasing, maybe you should just stop reading into everything she posts as a "hint". Better yet, stop reading her social media accounts all together. Imagine if we had social media back in 1984. You all would be flipping out over the fact, she performed "Dress You Up" at a private birthday party six months prior to releasing LIKE A VIRGIN.
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    Madonna has four African children. If a mother wants to honour her children by incorporating elements of their cultural legacy in her music I say she has every right to.
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    Agreed. All these whiners and cry babys on the internet demanding apologies and trying to end careers yet never take accountability for the crap they spew online themselves. I even saw someone trying to condemn Madonna over the Nothing Really Matters/Paradise look saying she's a racist and how she's appropriating culture not realizing it's an ode to "Memoirs of a Geisha" and one of its characters, Hatsumomo. Literally everything bothers everyone that they don't focus on actual events instead digging so deep into someone's past and trying to find anything incriminating to either deem them a racist, homophobe, etc. If they do do something that is let's say in vein of hate speech in today's climate, by all means yes, they deserve what they reap however incorporating sounds from different parts of the world and showing appreciation and giving credit so never be something to be shamed for. The world is way, way too sensitive.
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    Gurls, why we talking about her wig when we could be talking about her latest Insta posts and stories with that african women choir?? That is beautiful!!! can't wait to hear it translated into her new music!!! <3
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    I always thought it was a pity that stuff like the MDNA Tour rehearsals and stuff weren't used for anything. So much material that just goes unused when it could be great extras. I know it's wrong, but some of those leaks really reignited my love for her in times of really dry seasons...
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    If the album versions were the leaks and the leaks the album versions, you guys would still complain.
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    Actually thinking about it just now, it is not a new problem, if youre old enough to remember Madonna forums from like 10+ years ago, I remember the n word with an er being directed at black people, I remember a thread about racial intelligence staying up, I remember Obama and his family being called “walking pieces of s***”, among other things. There’s always been a portion of this fandom that’s truly grotesque. We just gotta try to keep things nice over here.
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    She's working so hard to get this album done..
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    This is probably an unpopular opinion but I really love the "Hollywood" video.
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    Personally, not that I care much about charts and radio positions really, but we all appreciate the general public awareness and recognition for Madonna's new music out there. So yeah, sales and charts are the least concern to me at this point of her career. I've clearly stated several times in this forum that I don't care at all about what she sells today and chart positions. I don't longer for another #1, anywhere in the world and anywhere in the charts. Would I like radios to play her new singles? Absolutely. But I'm not asking for a #1 hit again, nor 6 million singles sold again. I just don't care the least, but I DO care about her recording quality music and trying new things that make her career evolve, like the big majority of fans here I suppose.
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    I like how we are keeping each other busy while anticipating new updates and sneak peaks. I loved how self-referential she was in her Rebel Heart album lyrics (Veni Vidi Vici, Graffiti Heart, RH song, HBC) -- hopefully she continues that. But also, I'd love to have a few songs about some dance craze (ie: twist, hand jive, or something from the 50s/60s), about fashion trends or gay/queer/art history. I don't mind when she gets political--nonetheless, I think it would be nice to have a distraction from current political climates. Less preachy and more poetic. More artsy and less Hollywood ... Not that she is overly Hollywood in her lyrics, but I don't want an album about current and overly saturated topics du jour (her "revolution of love" has been done). What I mean to say is: I hate when Hollywood-types try to tell the general public how to live life and spend money. I love classic Madonna like she did with Body Shop. Those lyrics are so sexy and celebrate both masculine and feminine notions while blurring gender. I think she might currently regard Cherish as corny or cheesy given her life experiences compared to how she felt when she wrote the song--but that song is beautifully written. That being said I do worry about her song writing with Mirwais as they seem to be written and recorded fast, on the spot (ie: American Life song, Mother & Father) without time to consider them (the lyrics) fully. They seem to be rhyme-tacky. But I do love Mirwais instrumental segments and cut/paste style of bridging different musical genres in one track. I think her work with him is going to be special. I would love to hear her do some more True Blue type of tracks where they are pop in structure--but maybe this time layered in electro (ie: Nobody Knows Me ... that song reminded me of Stacey Q and I loved that). Kind of like Eurythmics songs on their Savage album or early greatest hits. I also would die if there were songs that had more of an 80s freestyle to the lyrics like Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam/Full Force. Playful like her own Sidewalk Talk with Jellybean, and with spoken word (in a drag kind of way and/or poetic). A bit of 80's synth a la Jon St. James, Alison Moyet (Yazoo), Shannon (Let the Music Play, Give Me Tonight), or Nu Shooz. I loved Tracey Thorn's Out of the Woods album. Also loved Liza Minnelli's Results album with PSB. Anyhow, I'm daydreaming ... rambling and babbling ...
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    I think it's unfair to compare her recent material to songs we've got 20+ years of memories attached to. Some fans seem to - at least in part - view the quality of her material through the prism of chart success (or lack of thereof) or general public's approval. I really don't care if she has another #1 single or album. Yes, it would be lovely, of course, but the music itself is more important to me. She's already won all the accolades, broke records and has had a truly unprecedented career. Rebel Heart had its faults but what impressed most about it is the songwriting itself - there are some truly great songs there. I was really surprised that this late in the game Madonna still seemed hungry, creative and engaged in the songwriting process. Which, in turn, makes me hopeful about the new album.
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    all this COADF slander. why do people think the album is just a dance album when most of the tracks have deep and meaningful lyrics? it partially was a dance colorful AL. Thats what I love about it, she made it look commercial without sacrificing depth.
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    Remember when Madonna deliberately ignored her classics during the DWT? She received criticism from both the media and fans, some even believed it was 'her last BIG tour because of her age' lmao Then a flop movie came and later American Life was released and did nothing but hurt (radio boycott, leaks, her website was hacked, video self-banning, plagiarism lawsuits, etc.) especially after the tremendous success of the Music era (Grammy and MTVs noms). Many of us didn't love American Life at the beginning but it certainly proved to be a grower. It does contain lovely and mature stuff, should have done better in the charts. Weren't the MTV kiss and the guest stars part of Madonna's agenda to remain relevant? Britney was rocking the world with Toxic and Christina still enjoyed some success from her Stripped era. It made sense to me at the time... The 2004 Re-invention Tour was a lifeboat commercially speaking but it only visited the same old places (except for Ireland) and the Confessions era was a major sucess mainly because of the ABBA sample and her gorgeous 70's look that are still remembered. Despite being totally gorgeous the following singles Get Together and Jump flopped. Madonna ignored her American Like stuff until she started to consider some songs as interludes in both the Sticky & Sweet and MDNA tours. Suspicious? Maybe she felt the world needed to forget her political flop for some time, I don't know. What I appreciate is that she dared to play album tracks during the Tears of a Clown gigs. That was awesome and led me to believe it was the music she wanted to make at the time. Actually, I think American Life was the last time she really put her heart into the writing compared to Confessions which sounded totally muffled and redundant. Rolling Stone would say the former was made for our heads and the latter for our feet. I don't think there's anything else to explain. Everyone knows what happened after Hard Candy and her departure from Warner.
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    This is what happens when u believe stupid rumours...
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    An album with more songs like Bitch I'm Madonna is my dream Madonna album tbh. That song is fucking WEIRD and that's what makes it so amazing. I need more Madonna and SOPHIE collabs I mean, the SYNTHS, the simple fact that the song has her own name, Nicki's verse, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG IS AMAZING AND YA'LL NEED TO WAKE UP
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    The tape had demos of Spanish Lesson, Candy Shop and B-Day Song.