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  2. 1. Rain 2. Incredible 3. Mother and Father, Frozen, Broken (I’m Sorry) 4. One More Chance 5. Where’s the Party? 6. 4 Minutes 7. The Look of Love 8. American Life 9. Give It 2 Me 10. Rescue Me
  3. If love a Madonna crossword puzzle book! Love those on a Sunday afternoon on the porch.
  4. Is this a sample of her new song or a song by another artist? Because it does not sound like her.
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  6. It was meant to be a playful joke, or maybe she didn't realise it was them, but it still looks rude. If people think she did it to undermine 2 prominent black artists then you can't really blame them. We don't live in an ideal world, we should but we don't. People who aren't used to her sense of humor would take it the wrong way. Yes, she has influenced many people but I wish she would settle down just a tiny bit. Narcissism is not a good look.
  7. No I am not being serious I agree with you its an invasion of her privacy and I would never buy any of these types of things. It WAS a juicy read though
  8. To me, this song was all done in fun. No one takes this song so seriously as if it's pure art, and not every popular song has to be artsy. Sometimes, it is nice to kick back and be silly. Madonna has had a number of fun non-serious songs which fans shouldn't take so seriously. It's just one more reason to prove she's a diverse artist. If that's all she produced that's one thing, but she hasn't. I prefer a mixed bag. That's who Madonna is to me. It's not just one era or genre. It's the whole mixed bag that attracts me to Madonna.
  9. Thanks Liam. Okay, here's a try: 1: Dark 2: Hope 3: Broken 4: Perfectly 5: Friday 6: Stroll 7: Stars 8: Weight 9: Amount 10: Pretentious **There's bound to be some duplicates. Just list them all.**
  10. @RUADJAIthe tin foil crown would also be a great idea! I'm feeling inspired, I don't often dress up to go to shows, but she's so avant garde it would would a shame not to!
  11. Well done @angelamanda623 While you are correct to name "The Game" with "trick" in the song, I was thinking "Dance 2night", nevertheless you still list 10 referring to the clues. Feel free to list your ten. Though, someone will most likely step in if you don't soon.
  12. Oh Spanish Lesson... that was a grower for me, but I really like it now!
  13. It wasn't much of a serious song in the first place.
  14. Wow, informative! (**sarcasm implied**)
  15. Wow, some true M fans here! This game is hard lol!!
  16. Mmh... her spanish was way better on Verás and Lo que siente la mujer. She may have skipped her spanish lessons since 2001... LOL
  17. Yesterday
  18. I wouldn't really assume since she's worn it for a couple of years now when adopting the two girls. It's what they call her.
  19. Lol, she pretty much did that with Spanish Lesson. But I liked Spanish Lesson, carefree and fun.
  20. I hope she won't come up with something like this
  21. Lol. I want to clarify something. When I said ROL sounded dated I meant just the production, because the melodies are the best she's ever written (or co-written), together with Like a prayer's. Of course she has many other great melodies in each album but ROL and LAP are consistently good.
  22. So..... she is wearing "MAMBO" gold chain in a lot os IG pics..... can we assume that MAMBO is the new album song or title......
  23. Yeah... I'll buy the blueprint and make it. Either that or a tin foil crown.
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