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  2. @James19709I don't think so. She's sings so well
  3. Hideous voice.
  4. HELP! I don't know how I was able to despise this woman's talent. SHE'S AWESOME! I MEAN, LOOK AT THIS (i really need to start listening to her discography)
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  6. What if she messed up and instead of #godcontrol she wanted to write #guncontrol? Imagine her doing a new socially relevant short movie like Secret Project and Her Story Whatever she's doing she's serving great looks.
  7. sexy! That latex must be uncomfortable to put on. lol
  8. Yesterday
  9. you're correct Rebel Hugo! In fact all of them have leaked by now.
  10. Thank you!!
  11. 24/02/2018 Don't Cry For Me Argentina (1x12") promo Nothing Really Matthers (2x12) promo
  12. I always enjoy what Gaga brings to the mix so yeah I'm ready and excited
  13. Yah, I don't get the "Oh please, not another shitty MDNAskin ad", etc. If she wasn't doing this, we'd get NOTHING! She'd just be posting photos of her children, and many seem to take issue with that as well. At least we have something to enjoy between her music projects. Not only that, we don't know how much longer she's going to stay in the business. I'm going to enjoy every creative morsel she throws at us.
  14. I no longer fucking care if it's for MDNASkin or not. I mean, i know it is for MDNASkin lol what i mean is... Guys, we're having another photoshoot/video ad!!!!! And i'm happy with that!!!!
  15. Happy Birthday!
  16. I love it! Even when she's got her back to us, she's giving us "cleavage". LOL! #iseeherasscrack
  17. No one cares.
  18. Seriously, did everybody forget THIS????
  19. Feliz cumple guapo!!!!! :-*
  20. Happy Birthday!
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