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  2. Its available on Ebay and discogs but the price is higher than it should be. You may get lucky with the June release
  3. Yawn :(( more pointless re-issues of a pointless vinyl revival - why the fuck cant Warners re-issue this album on a picture cd with the digital un-mixed versions that all we want ? Cant we start a petition or something ?
  4. I dont live in a city so my record store is so small only 5 pepole at a time are allowed and they only had 3 of each of the M releases and they had started queuing a 5 the day before so had to be there to guarantee i could get then at normal price....
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  6. Why did you wait so long ? In Paris at the end of the day they were both available after hours in many stores incuding Lucky record a "Madonna special store" in Paris... 12 000 copies is huge now a days...
  7. I love reading those eras, @groovyguy! Especially with a cup of coffee and the vinyl of the associated album on when I am home. When I am at work and have some off time, I take a look at the articles as well. It softens the loneliness on my shoulders.
  8. The list is fine, at least in terms of the albums included. Exclusion of “American Life”, “Hard Candy”, and especially “MDNA” are totally fair though I wish I could see “Rebel Heart” on the list for the better part of it. I am also happy to see that people started to regard “I’m Breathless” more of a Madonna album rather than a soundtrack, which it isn’t. To me, “Confessions” is on top 3 considering the quality of the songs, its overall concept, and massive success. I would also rank “Music” higher whereas the first two albums should have been ranked lower. Their impact is limited and Madonna had little if not no contribution to them.
  9. Wonderful! Please bring out more!
  10. Surprised to ‘Rain’ being so unpopular and ‘Bad Girl’ so popular.
  11. At first glance, I also agree that the original military-themed video for the title track actually had nothing to do with the song’s subject matter, which was quest for fame. But with a deeper look, the song talks about “greed” and it was also the case with the US attack in Iraq in 2003. So, maybe it was not completely irrelevant after all. For the album, I wish it had more protest songs and an edgier sound. The title and the artwork of the album as well as Madonna’s overall image and attitude could have implied such an approach. I would like a rock sound better, just like on her tours, see “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret”. Also, more socially conscious lyrics would have served much more relevantly on an album called “American Life”. Anyways, not among my favorite albums, but I like all the songs except for the terrible ‘Mother and Father’. ‘Nothing Fails’ is my absolute favorite!
  12. It would be... It would be so nice!
  13. AL is still a triumph! What an album.
  14. I doubt it ever will be, since the collection in many ways is outdated.
  15. Are those colorful ones still available? I still don’t have this album on vinyl and I would like to have that one as the first copy.
  16. I know it easy but i want rip one music video in one file and don't know how
  17. And why not releasing “GHV2” on vinyl as well?
  18. Love ‘Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You’ aka ‘Cry Me a River’-Madonna Remix, and I also love ‘Voices’, but the rest is just okay. I don’t hate the album, but the quality of the final product was not really what I had been expecting from those collaborations, especially with Timbaland. Don’t really get the hype for ‘Candy Shop’ (though it makes me smile when she refers to Turkish delight) and I wish ‘Across the Sky’ was also included. Still, I listen to it every now and then.
  19. One of the worst Madonna albums and where she started to lose the spark. The mastering is awful, songs like Voices deserved better.
  20. Couldnt agree more. Mostly weak album but what pisses me off is that horrible tour. Its always quoted as her highest grossing tour bla bla, 1 - it was a stadium tour 2 - it was a long running tour 3 - she charges an arm and a leg None of the above reasons make a show good. Horrible outfits, horrible screen imagery, the tacky hair and outfits AND the musical direction - what a dissapointment and very obvious change from Stuart doing her tours.
  21. Her best greatest hits compilation. Preordered mine can’t wait
  22. Happy birthday
  23. I am in Canada and YCD was $18.95 before taxes and first album was $26.95 before taxes... I luckily got the only YCD the store had.
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